How To Vape CBD Oil?


By now, everyone is familiar with Cannabidiol and the plethora of benefits it has to offer. There are many products available that can be consumed via different methods like sublingual administration, swallowing, topical application, and inhalation. Vaping is one of the methods and the most popular one among cannabis enthusiasts. It is preferred because of the quick delivery of the effects. Vaping increases the bioavailability of cannabis products and allows immediate access to the bloodstream. No wonder why vaping is grabbing the attention of everyone, even those who are new to the CBD realm.

If you are new to the whole CBD hype and are willing to try this enchanted product for yourself, let us first introduce you to Cannabidiol.
•   Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid present in all cannabis plants but more abundantly in a specific species of Cannabis known as Industrial Hemp or Cannabis sativa.
•   Hemp has naturally low concentrations of the infamous psychoactive THC (Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol), up to 0.3%.
•   CBD has been studied for its therapeutic applications and the research data supports its promising future in the field.[2,3,4]
•   It has a low potential for addiction and dependency, making it ideal for use. You can clear all your queries about the issue by going through our blog – Is CBD Addictive?
•   The most important fact of all, CBD is legal. With the passing of Farm Bill 2018, the federal government legalized the cultivation, sale, and distribution of industrial hemp products, provided they do not contain more than the permissible percentage of THC, which is 0.3%.
•   However, some state, and in some cases even municipal, regulations and laws for cannabis do not go by the federal guidelines. Therefore, it is recommended to educate yourself with the local guidelines applicable in your region.

What’s the best way to vape CBD?

Vaping seems to be a simple process but there are many intricate steps involved in the process that you need to know before embarking on this fruitful journey.
•   The first thing you need to know is that you just cannot vape any CBD product that is available in a liquid form.
•   Secondly, know how to assess the good products from cheaper counterfeits.
•   And educate yourself on the products you are using the information on the types of vaping juices and devices available.

What is Vaping?

A vape or vaping device is electronic equipment that heats the loaded product to generate its vapors that are inhaled. It is considered a healthier alternative to smoking. For vaping you have to inhale the vapors through your mouth, from there the vapors will enter your lungs, and finally, you exhale. Contrary to the popular belief that you have to hold in inhaled vapors for efficient experience, holding in irritates the sensitive lining of the lungs. No evidence backs up the claim that holding in the vapors enhances the effects of the CBD.

Types of Vaping Devices

Vaping devices available for CBD are divided into two categories – Portables & Desktops. Pens are suitable for people who want to have the experience on the go, while desktop devices are available for the times when you want to lay down and relish the benefits.

A vaping device has three components:
•   A battery and charger
•   A cartridge that is filled with CBD juice.
•   An atomizer
The battery provides the power to the atomizer which starts the process of heating the coil. The coil warms up the CBD liquid in the cartridge to vapors.

CBD Portables:

1.   CBD Vape Pens or Pods
a.   The vape pens are available with pre-filled cartridges, disposable cartridges, and refillable cartridges.
b.   They are sleek and provide you with a discreet option to use CBD.
c.   Vape pods are even smaller than vape pens and look like a USB devices.

2.   Portable Vaporizers
a.   These devices are small and portable that contain an in-built oven to heat the CBD product to produce vapors.
b.   They are apt for small get-togethers with your friends.
c.   They are easy to use and exude a low odor.

Desktop Vaporizers for CBD:

•   Also known as CBD mods, these devices provide an intense experience but allow control over the exposure to dial it down to your comfort level.
•   Desktop vaporizers work like an oven and bake dried cannabis at a particular temperature to generate vapors.
It uses convection heating that extracts cannabinoids from dried flowers with the use of hot hair.
•   The vapors containing CBD are inhaled through a tube known as a whip.
•   These are preferred by experienced users.

Can You Vape CBD Oil?

This is an important aspect of CBD vaping to be aware of. You cannot vape just any CBD oil, vaping should be done with CBD e-liquids, more commonly known as CBD vape oil. These are formulated for vaping purposes. A vape oil contains food-grade ingredients which makes it safe for consumption. The basic constituents of a vape juice are:
•   Vegetable Glycerin
•   Propylene glycol
•   Cannabidiol
•   Flavor enhancers

Below are listed two queries we frequently get asked about the use of products for vaping.

What other CBD products can you vape?
Apart from CBD vape oil, you can use the following products for vaping as well to get the bountiful health advantages of CBD.
1.   CBD Isolate
2.   Dried flowers
3.   CBD crumble
4.   CBD shatter
5.   CBD live resin

Can you put CBD tincture in a vape pen?
That’s a big NO! CBD tinctures have alcohol in them, which when inhaled irritates the mucus lining of the lungs.

Can you take CBD vape oil orally?
Absolutely! CBD vape oils are made of 100% food-grade ingredients that are safe for ingestion.

Vaping – A Step-by-step Procedure.

Before discussing the process, let us comprehend the right temperature and wattage for your calling devices.
–   According to the expert’s opinion, the ideal temperature for vaping CBD oil is 200-220 degrees Celsius. CBD starts forming vapors at this specific temperature zone.
–   If you keep the temperature lower, you won’t get vapors to inhale.
–   If you raise the temperature, CBD will degrade and result in the wastage of the loaded product.
–   Talking about the wattage, it is safe to stay between the 10-30 watts range as any higher wattage may cause the product to burn.
–   That being said, always read and follow the instruction provided by your supplier.

Another thing – How much CBD oil to vape?
The CBD vape oils come in 30 milliliters packaging with a strength range between 500 to 1200 milligrams. For instance, Divine Hemps’s CBD vape oil has a strength of 1000 milligrams which means 1 ml (the dose to be loaded on the cartridge) would give you around 33 mg of CBD per milliliter. The suggested dose for beginners is 20-40 mg. Many factors affect the impact of CBD on your body. We advise you to start with lower amounts and gradually move on to higher dosage once you gain familiarity with the product.

Using Disposable Vape Pens
•   Inhale the vapes with your mouth, let them travel to your lungs, and exhale.
•   Initially, draw smaller puffs.
•   Keep a gap of at least 5 minutes between the puffs to ascertain how CBD affects you.

Using CBD Pod Kits
•   Charge your battery and connect the cartridge.
•   Inhale some vapors in to verify if the setup is working.
•   After 5 minutes, take another puff, and then again after 5 minutes, and so on.
•   Keeping a gap between the puffs allows you to assess how CBD impacts you.

Using Refillable Pod Kit
•   Fill your pod with the CBD vape juice of your choice.
•   Connect the pod to the rest of the setup (atomizer & battery) as per the instructions provided by your supplier.
•   Press the button to start the vaporization process, or take a draw if the device is draw activated.
•   Keep a gap of 5 minutes between the draws to observe how you feel.

How to use a vape pen with CBD oil?
•   Pour the advised amount of CBD oil into the tank.
•   Wait for 5 minutes.
•   Turn on your device to start the heating process.
•   Take a draw when CBD starts vaporizing.
•   Wait for at least 5 minutes between the draws to evaluate how you get affected.

Is Vaping CBD Effective?

Vaping CBD is the most effective method of utilizing the maximum benefit that cannabidiol has to offer. Even though people are skeptical about the use and the health impacts vaping may have, the peak level is achieved considerably quicker than other ways of consuming CBD.[1]

How much CBD should I vape – frequency & dosage?

You can vape CBD every day or once in a while when you seek relief from a particular condition. There’s no set rule for the use of frequency or dosage as both of these may vary from person to person depending on many factors like body mass, your targeted outcomes, and your body’s tolerance level.

Does Vaping Pose Any Health Threat?

Experts have concluded that vaping is around 95% safer than smoking.[5,6] However, it does pose some negative effects on your health. Most of the available research on Vaping health effects focuses on products that contain nicotine which concludes that vaping may increase your chances of cardiovascular disease and it may also release aerosols of some harmful chemicals that cause pulmonary issues like asthma and persistent cough.
As CBD does not contain any nicotine, the side effects that you may experience with the use of high doses of CBD would be mild and not cause any serious effects.

To Conclude

Vaping CBD is no rocket science. It may seem daunting when you look at the devices and instructions, but know what you need to achieve the utmost out of it. You can choose to invest in a non-portable, traditional vaporizer or a sleek and discrete option like a vape pod. You may lean towards refillable pens or perhaps disposable pens may suit your criteria if you are looking for cost-effective options. There are many options available not only in terms of devices, but the strengths and flavorings as well to elevate your experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you ingest CBD vape oil?
Yes. Most of the CBD vape oils are safe for oral consumption as well.

Q. Can I put CBD oil in my vape?
You can put CBD vape oil in your vape, no other CBD oil. Oils intended for vaping have different formulations than those for oral administration.

Q. Can you vape hemp oil?
Let us get this clear once and for all, hemp oil is another name for CBD oil, do not confuse it with hemp seed oil which is a dietary supplement. If the label for the hemp oil (CBD oil) does not clearly state compatibility for vaping, do not vape it. The CBD oil or hemp oils that are formulated for vaping are labeled and endorsed as CBD vape juices or CBD vape oils.



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