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Is Delta 8 legal in your state

Delta 8 THC is one of the most popular cannabinoids that people love in the United States of America. Its popularity has been skyrocketing in recent years. It is popular due to its mind and body effects. It is similar to Delta 9 THC and provides similar effects, but with less number of side effects. After the passing of the 2018 farm bill, it has gained even more popular owing to its legal status in many states of the United …
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How is Delta 8 Flower Made

Delta 8 is the new popular cannabinoid in the market. It has been receiving a lot of positive reviews from cannabis lovers, thanks to its effects on the mind and body. Due to the fact that it is less potent than Delta 9, it also comes with fewer side effects. The fewer amount of side-effects makes the users love this incredible cannabis compound even more. Today, we will be diving deeper into the world of Delta 8 THC and learning …


THC-O acetate or THC-O is a popular drug especially due to its federal legal status and potency. As THC-O is a fairly new compound, it is natural to be curious, leaving you with a bunch of questions unanswered. The most important question however is, will THC-O show up on a drug test? In this article, we discuss what THC-O is, its potential to show up on a drug test and how you can avoid testing positive. If you're subject to drug …
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Delta 8 tolerance

Most people are well-aware of Delta 8 and its mild psychoactive effects, some are even seasoned, Delta-8 connoisseurs. If you fit the latter description   and take Delta 8 regularly you may find something strange. You may find yourself in a sticky situation, where the more often you take Delta 8, the less you feel its chemical effects.  When you experience this, it’s time for you to take a Delta 8 tolerance break. It is natural for human bodies to build …

Why does the vape pen blinks when the cartridge is in?

Vape pens hold a special place in people’s hearts. They are easy to use, look attractive, and are increasingly becoming more and more popular, thanks to variety of cannabis products from Delta 8 to THC-O in the market. There are a lot of things that make vape cartridges unique. Some of them are their lightning, size, ease of use, etc. They are also available in many flavors, which makes them a favorite of all kinds of users, for example, Delta …
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Delta 8 Shatter

Many people are now looking for products that can provide them with amazing health benefits with little or no side effects. Delta 8 THC is one such thing that has become the talk of the town these days. It comes with remarkable properties, such as relaxation, pain relief, mild high, etc., and brings little or no side effects for the consumer. Getting people's attention due to its healing properties and health benefits, Delta 8 THC is a naturally occurring psychoactive …
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With each passing day, cannabis compounds are becoming more and more popular in the market. It is not only because they bring therapeutically, psychedelic, and spiritual benefits to the body, but they are also legal in many states after the 2018 farm bill.   When it comes to THC compounds, a lot of people get confused about their legality issues. It really is confusing because not every state has legalized the use of THC products, and some states have put restrictions on …
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THC-O vs Delta 8 vs Delta 9

Cannabinoids from hemp have always been popular, but there’s also been a lot of buzz about THC-O. THC-O although derived from Delta 8 is highly potent and different from Delta 8 and Delta 9. They have differences in effects, feel, and potency. Deltas are a milder version of THC-O, these suit different users with different preferences of potency and high. According to some studies, THC-O is three times more potent than Delta 8. But is it worth the hype? Is …
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Delta 8 Dosage Chart

The Delta 8 - THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) has been increasing its popularity for a while now. This naturally occurring psychoactive substance is found in hemp and cannabis plants and is usually get compared with its cousin, Delta 9 - THC. Both Delta 8 and Delta 9 produce a high, euphoric, and fuzzy feeling. But Delta 8 causes a milder high and has fewer side effects compared to Delta 9.  Due to the increasing popularity of Delta 8, thanks to the benefits it …

CBD Flower Benefits

CBD has been used for years, but its popularity doesn't die down, its mild effects and low THC levels pose as an attractive option to people looking for a subtle high. In this article, we give you information about CBD flowers, its benefits and how you can smoke it. If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of CBD. However, its popularity has been dying down in recent years, but it seems to have renewed with the massive interest in CBD …

How To Vape CBD Oil?

Vaping CBD oil is slowly becoming the preferred method of choice for not only experienced CBD users but even first-timers. What gives it an edge over other methods, is the fast delivery of the effects. Knowing how to vape CBD oiI properly is important to gain the benefits. Know your device, understand what dosage will work for you, and learn which CBD products you can vape and which ones you can't.

How to sober up from weed

“Prevention is better than cure” - we’ve all heard it, right? But when it comes to preventing ourselves from taking too much weed, we might fail occasionally. And those occasions, rare as they may be, can still be pretty stressful for us. If taken too much, cannabis products containing THC can cause you paranoia, anxiety, hallucinations, nausea/ vomiting, and increase your heart rate. So, whether you’ve already suffered the ill effects of weed and wish to avoid it in the …
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