Vape CBD Oil

How To Vape CBD Oil?

Vaping CBD oil is slowly becoming the preferred method of choice for not only experienced CBD users but even first-timers. What gives it an edge over other methods, is the fast delivery of the effects. Knowing how to vape CBD oiI properly is important to gain the benefits. Know your device, understand what dosage will work for you, and learn which CBD products you can vape and which ones you can’t.

how to sober up from weed

How to sober up from weed

“Prevention is better than cure” – we’ve all heard it, right? But when it comes to preventing ourselves from taking too much weed, we might fail occasionally. And those occasions, rare as they may be, can still be pretty stressful for us. If taken too much, cannabis products containing THC can cause you paranoia, anxiety, […]

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CBN Vs CBD – The Key Differences

Just like other minor cannabinoids that are grabbing the interests of cannabis enthusiasts as well as the new users, CBN is the latest to join the list. The alleged uses of CBN for insomnia treatment, pain management, etc are spoken about but there isn’t any evidence to support the claims. Cannabinol is a minor cannabinoid that is formed by oxidation of THC and has mildly psychoactive properties. CBN and CBD have major differences concerning the amount present in a cannabis plant, their side effects, legal status, and of course, the amount of research data available for their properties and effects.

Does Delta 8 Make You High

Does Delta 8 Make You High?

Delta 8 is getting prominent among the THC enthusiasts who want to use THC but do not want to experience the undesirable side effects that accompany Delta 9 THC. Delta 8 THC is different from Delta 9 THC in the positioning of the double bond in its structure, which reduces its potency. Moreover, Delta 8 […]

Kratom Vs CBD

Kratom Vs CBD

CBD was in the limelight a few years back, with the praises of its long list of potential benefits and concerns over the possible health impacts. Now, the latest plant-derived product – Kratom, is facing the same scrutiny. They have been compared to be similar in their beneficial roles, however, they are quite distinct. Kratom […]

CBD Shatter

CBD Shatter – Is It For You?

As the demand for CBD products increases, innovative and high-end products are being introduced into the market. One of such is the enigmatic CBD isolates available in many different forms such as shatter and wax. These isolates are extremely popular amongst cannabis enthusiasts as they offer CBD in the most bioavailable form. Through inhalation, the […]

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