Super Chill CBD Vape Oil

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  •     Contains 1000 mg of Full Spectrum CBD Oil
  •     No Nicotine content 
  •     Derived from organically grown, non-GMO industrial quality hemp
  •     Lab-tested to ensure highest purity, strength, and remove toxicants
  •     Contains <0.3% THC
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Our CBD Vape Oil by Super Chill will give you the best vaping experience with its enhanced bioefficacy. Only the organic, industrial quality, non-GMO strains of hemp have been used to curate this product. One CBD Vape Oil bottle contains 1000 mg of Full Spectrum CBD. The bottle comes with a dropper for you to easily transfer the vape oil to a cartridge. You can choose to buy any of the 14 available flavors- apple, blueberry, cotton candy, gelato, grapefruit, guava, jungle juice, mango, mint, peach, red velvet, sour-sweet, strawberry, and watermelon. It consists of all the naturally occurring cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD), VG (vegetable glycerine), PG (propylene glycol), terpenes, traces of delta-9 THC, etc., which endow our formulation with its therapeutic properties. 

Recommended Usage of CBD Vape Oil

Our CBD Vape Oil 1000 mg comes in a variety of flavors to make vaping a more enjoyable experience for you. They are made to relax you and enhance your mood. One 1000 mg CBD Vape Oil bottle contains 30 ml vape juice, and a dropper cap. Pour the oil into an empty vape pen/ tank/ pod vape using the dropper and enjoy smoke-free vaping. Inhaling vapors of 1 ml CBD vape oil 1000 mg should give you about 10 mg of CBD although this will vary based on the type of vape pen you are using. There is no single dose for all of us but beginners are recommended to begin with a low dose of 5-10 mg. It takes 1-2 hours to show full effects. After you become familiar with its workings, you may increase or decrease the dose as per your requirements. Always wait for about 6 hours after taking a dose, in case you want to increase it in the next vape session.  

Things to Know and Watch Out For

CBD Vape Oil or juice is made for vaping purposes but it can also be consumed orally and applied topically because of its edible ingredients. Don’t forget to talk to your doctor about using this product if you have any health condition for which you take medicines. Note that some factors like, a person’s age, body mass, tolerance capacity, and the vape pen’s power affect how much time a person takes to get the desired result.

Storage Instructions

  1.   Keep the CBD Vape Oil in its original packaging in a cool, dark, and dry place as light and moisture can disintegrate its ingredients.
  2.   Keep it out of the reach of children.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 How to vape CBD oil?

Ans- You can use a vape pen or tank e-cigarette, or vape pod to vape CBD oil.

Q2. How much CBD oil should I vape?

Ans- You should get 10 mg CBD if you inhale 1 ml of CBD vape oil 1000 mg.  Depending on the dose you need, you can decide how much oil you have to vape. Beginners are advised to start with 5-10 mg.

Q3. How often should you vape CBD oil?

Ans- You can vape CBD oil as much as you need to but try to keep a gap of 6 hours between two successive doses.

Q4. What is the difference between CBD vape oil and tinctures?

Ans- CBD vape oil aka e-liquid is made for vaping with the help of vape pens or e-cigarettes. It is made by adding a thinning agent to the CBD extract so that it is easy to vape. On the other hand, CBD tincture is designed to be taken orally or sublingually. It is either made with an alcohol base or an oil carrier base which makes it digestible. You cannot use tinctures for vaping purposes but you can ingest vape oil because it has edible contents, however, its efficacy will be reduced.



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  1. Co Dumitru

    ‘The best vaping oil in the market. It’s extremely effective for the general well-being. I have enjoyed using it so much because of the flavor options available.

  2. Zaul Reyes

    The delivery was problematic, but the assistance provided by the support team made up for all the troubles. The product has been beneficial. Would order again.

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