Delta 8 Dosage Chart

delta 8 dosage chart

The Delta 8 – THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) has been increasing its popularity for a while now. This naturally occurring psychoactive substance is found in hemp and cannabis plants and is usually get compared with its cousin, Delta 9 – THC. Both Delta 8 and Delta 9 produce a high, euphoric, and fuzzy feeling. But Delta 8 causes a milder high and has fewer side effects compared to Delta 9. 

Due to the increasing popularity of Delta 8, thanks to the benefits it brings to the body, mentally and physically, people sometimes mess it up due to the high dosage. So, there is always one question in mind to those who are new to the world of Delta 8 – THC, “How much Delta 8 Should I take?”  

There is a number of factors that revolve around when it comes to the dosage, and once you get to know what amount of it works for you the best, you can certainly live a healthy and better life. By the end of this Delta 8 Dosing guide, you will know the dosage you should take of Delta 8 to get the maximum number of benefits. So, let’s jump right into the article now! 

Is Delta 8 Legal? 

One of the main reasons people have started to use Delta 8 is because it is legal in many states. Delta 8 is extracted mostly from hemp-derived CBD, which is legal to farm in the US because of the 2018 farm bill that legalized its farming. But, it is not legal in every state, so before checking out the perfect Delta 8 THC dosage for you, make sure it is legal to consume in your state. 

Delta 8 Dosage and CBD Dosage 

Since both these products, Delta 8 and CBD, come from cannabis, the thinking of comparing Delta 8 dose to CBD dose is understandable, but they are not the same. The Delta 8 THC is mildly intoxicating and can produce mild feelings of high and euphoria depending upon the dosage, whereas the CBD is completely non-intoxicating. Also, the standard used by CBD is not applicable to the analogs of THC. 

Overdosing on Delta 8 

Yes, too much of a good thing is indeed a bad thing, but fortunately, Delta 8 being a less potent form of THC, there is no lethal dose amount. Does it mean we cannot overdose on Delta 8 THC? Kind of, but we still cannot go on board with it because it has some side effects. You will have to inject 50 grams of pure THC if you want to trigger liver toxicity. But, this is not what people do with cannabis. 

Most people have a good time when they use Delta 8 in small amounts, but if you take it too much, you may feel dizzy, confused, etc. But these effects are nowhere compared to Delta 9 overdosing effects. Effects like Paranoia and anxiety are rare when it comes to Delta 8 THC, whereas this is what you will get when you take too much Delta 9.  

If you have taken too much delta 8, all you need is a good nap to forget about the effects. But, we still recommend you to always begin with low numbers and eventually find what really works for you. Because at the end of the day, you want to see its positive effects on your body, and you do not want it to harm you negatively. 

How Delta 8 Potency Works 

The potency and the amount of Delta 8 THC per milligram are the two main factors that come into play when it comes to affecting optimal Delta 8 THC dosage. Different companies provide products of different sizes and strengths. For example, one company sells the Delta 8 THC tincture in a bottle of 30 milliliters whereas, the other one sells it in a 60 milliliters bottle, and the same goes with other cannabinoid products such as gummies, vapes, etc. 

To find out the number of active milligrams of Delta 8 THC in the single serve, you will have to use the Delta 8 calculator and do some simple math. The amount of active milligrams in a single serving is equal to the division of the total amount of milligrams by the size of the product. For example, if you have 2400 mg of Delta 8 in a bottle of 60 ml, divide 2400 by 60, which gets you 40 mg in 1 ml. And this amount is enough to produce the cognitive change even in an experienced cannabis user, so make sure that you use Delta 8 THC products with caution. 

But you do not have to measure anything in solid products, like, gummies or capsules, as they contain a fixed dose per serving. 

Things to know about Delta 8 Dosage 

1) Dosage is different for everybody – If anyone asks, “How much Delta 8 to get high? there might be a fixed answer for that. But if everyone starts asking the same question, there are different answers. The amount of delta 8 required to show its effects depends upon many factors. From the body composition to its mass, everyone is different, and that is why the tolerance ability of everyone varies as well. It is crucial for you to find out what amount works the best for you because you do not want to experience the side effects of Delta 8. 

2) Begin Low – To find out the perfect dosage of Delta 8 for you, start experimenting with a low amount and increase it slowly until you find out the best amount that works for you. Although there are no lethal side effects for overdosing, you still do not want to do that. We recommend starting with small serves and then waiting for an hour or two if you want to take more. Always read the product’s serving size recommendation and use it according to that. Remember that going slowly and steadily will win you the race!  

Measuring Delta 8 Dosage by Dosing Style 

The way you consume Delta 8 makes a difference. Your dosing style affects the onset, duration, and even the intensity you will be experiencing. Now, let’s discuss each one of them. 


Edibles dosage is generally pre-measured, so you don’t have to measure the dose each time you take it. Candies and Chews are usually individually packed. Delta 8 Gummies may come in a multi-count bottle. The Delta 8 Gummies Dosage can be changed with the potency, for example, for a beginner, it is good to try 10mg gummies, and for a stronger one, try 50mg. You can even adjust the dosage by cutting or breaking the edibles according to you. 


Tinctures come in liquid form in a glass bottle. A dropper lid also comes with them, which holds 1ml of Delta 8 THC oil. They are convenient to use because you can easily adjust your dosage there. But it is crucial to understand the potency before starting experimenting like that. 


There is no exact way to know how much each puff is ingesting the Delta 8 THC in your body. But still, they can be convenient for beginners because they affect quickly and can be stacked easily. 

Delta 8 Vapes take even less than 10 minutes to show their effects, so it is better to take only one puff and wait for a few minutes to realize if you should take the next one. But as you get some experience, you will get more comfortable and know which amount works the best for you. 

Delta 8 Dosage Chart 

We have that now you have fully understood that everyone’s physique is different and the body composition, mass, etc., plays a crucial role in the tolerance ability of an individual. So, it is time to jump into our Delta 8 THC Dosage chart and know how much delta 8 to take to feel the effects. 

  • For Beginners – Users who have no experience using Delta 8 products and have low tolerance, begin with 5-15 mg per serving. 
  • For Medium Users – For users with medium tolerance ability and some experience using Delta 8 THC, it is fine to go with 15-45 mg per serving. 
  • For Daily Users – Those who consume Delta 8 THC daily and have high tolerance power can consume 45-150 mg per serving. 

It is important to know that Delta 8 THC is not a heavy hitter and is as half as strong as Delta 9. But it does not mean it is risk-free, obviously, and you can lose full control of your cognitive abilities after consuming it very much. 

The best way remains the same, begin with a low dosage and increase it slowly until you find your perfect dosage. 


It can be a bit tricky for beginners to find the right dosage for them. But it can also be a good thing since they can consult with doctors first. Your doctor can be your perfect help to find the right dosage and provide you with complete instructions, so you do not have any difficulty later. You have to understand that the same dosage can work differently for different persons.  

If you want to feel the effects quickly, Vaping might be a good idea to go for, but gummies and capsules are for those who want consistency and ease. Once you are sure, you can buy high-quality Delta 8 products from divinehemps and enjoy your time with them. 

Feel free to visit our guide and help yourself in the best way possible. We are committed to helping people suffering from medical problems and finding exceptional and high-quality products to make their lives better. We hope that you find our article helpful and now you can take your next steps with confidence. 




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