Author: Charlie Thompson


Hemp Oil Vs CBD Oil

Whenever any new products get hyped around social media, lots of misconceptions are bound to follow. With hemp oil and CBD oil being the latest rage, many are confused between them too. Some people refer to CBD oil as ‘hemp oil’, and others call hemp seed oil ‘hemp oil’. Hemp oil is used as the umbrella term for both hemp seed oil and CBD oil because both oils are derived from the hemp plant. Hemp seed oil and CBD oil …

CBD Cocktail – Best CBD Drinks You Need To Try Out This Summer

After a long exhausting day at work, a relaxing drink can provide comfort to your overworked body and brain. The ‘new normal’ life settings have added on to the mental stress and thus demand a better unwinding drink. What could be a more suitable choice than CBD cocktails? Yes, you heard it right, you can elevate your recreational time by infusing your drinks with this herbal extract in form of either flavored CBD oils or CBD tinctures. How can you …

How long does CBD stay in your system

Every consumer of CBD has wondered, at some point, how long does CBD last in the body? Generally, CBD tends to stay in the body for two to five days. However, this isn’t a given at all times as multiple factors can affect the duration of CBD remaining in the body. In some instances, CBD may even stay in the system for weeks. Even after the effects of CBD wears off, the product may remain in the system. It is …
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What CBD is right for me?

Are you here after hearing the numerous benefits of CBD or Cannabidiol? Do you want to learn more about this chemical compound and how it is used in various products so that you can know which one you should use? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a comprehensive CBD guide for you. What is CBD?  The cannabinoid is one of the 60+ active compounds found in the cannabis plant (aka hemp). Unlike marijuana which is also obtained from …
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