White Label

What Is White Labeling?

In simple terms, white labeling is an ability to purchase a product manufactured by other facility and add your unique brand labeling, logos, artwork, and contact information directly onto that product.

Essentially, you get to take someone else’s work and market it as your own. The best part about white labeling is that when it is done in partnership with the business you are getting the products from, it is 100% legal.

Benefits of private labeling CBD products

  • 100% USDA-Organic ingredients

  • Tested product consistency

  • Full Spectrum CBD, Full Spectrum Distillate, or THC-Free broad-spectrum oil

  • Assistance with design labels and rebranding

  • Fresh made-to-order products

  • Fast and reliable shipping with hidden labels

Common Questions About White Labeling

At DivineHemps, we address a lot of questions about white labeling and in the interest of providing helpful information to our prospective partners , we thought we would list some of the most common concerns right here.

Is White Labeling Legal?

Yes  its completely legal as as long as you are in a working partnership with the company whose products you are white labeling. When you purchase and claim products outside of this relationship of trust it’s not called white labeling — it’s called stealing.

White labeling is a mutually beneficial relationship between two companies where one provides a product and the other gets to re-brand it as their own without all of the logistical complications of developing their own means of production.

In the case of our hemp oil CBD products, this is especially powerful since acquiring permits, licensing, space for a hemp crop, the knowledge, and the technology required to harvest it into high-quality, pure hemp oil CBD is both time consuming and expensive. Lucky for you, we’ve already done the work.

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