Why does the vape pen blinks when the cartridge is in?


Vape pens hold a special place in people’s hearts. They are easy to use, look attractive, and are increasingly becoming more and more popular, thanks to variety of cannabis products from Delta 8 to THC-O in the market. There are a lot of things that make vape cartridges unique. Some of them are their lightning, size, ease of use, etc. They are also available in many flavors, which makes them a favorite of all kinds of users, for example, Delta 8 Carts, etc.  

Although they get easy to use when you are done spending some time with them, beginners with no experience using the cartridges might find them a bit difficult to use. Also, it requires an external component, such as batteries, etc., for the vape pen in order to use it. When beginners pass the first hurdle, learning how to use these vape pens, they might face another difficulty related to the LED light. 

Yes, LED light is pretty common in all vape pens, and it plays a crucial role in letting the user know when the battery is on, etc. But many times, people get confused over vape pen blinking because it can blink three times, four times, five times, on and on. And all these numbers suggest different problems that your vape pen is facing. So, let us find out the answer to common question, “Why the vape pen blinks when the cartridge is in?” 


There can be a lot of reasons behind the trouble of your vape pen lightning. Here are some of the most common ones: 

Low Battery

One of the main reasons your vape pen is flashing and not working is because of low battery power. Yes, battery power can be a major issue sometimes because the more you use it, the faster battery drains. So it is wise to keep an eye on the number of hits you are taking after charging your battery. Also, make sure you keep the battery away from any kind of moisture because moisture can mess up with the battery. 

The battery is not tight

It is not uncommon for beginners to face difficulties while attaching the battery. If the battery is not attached properly, then you are likely to see some vape light blinking. The good thing is that this problem is easily fixable because all you need to do is open the battery door and check if the battery is placed properly. And also with the battery, make sure the battery door is closed properly and tightly. This should certainly fix your vape pen charging light problem. 

Wrong battery size

Just like vape pens, batteries are also different. With their sizes, their life span also varies. Make sure you read the manual before you choose to get a battery. Beginners make the mistake of thinking that a single battery can run with all kinds of vape cartridges, but it is not true at all. It is wise to observe your battery and see if your vape pen matches it. 

Issues with the Activation button

Sometimes activation button can be stuck and get jammed due to various reasons. It is crucial to keep your vape pen clean and remember that storage is one of the factors that define the life span of your vape pen. If you are following proper instructions for storage then it is likely you will not face issues of any kind of blockage, etc., with your vape pen. To make sure your activation button is well, remove the battery and check if the button is clean or not. 

The vape pen is Unsafe

All things aside, if you notice your vape pen is showing abnormal and unsafe behavior, stop using it immediately. If you have checked all the things you could and still you are seeing your disposable vape pen blinking, then it can be due to the reason your vape pen is unsafe to use. For this, carefully read the manual and find out the problems if you can. Try to look for these issues while reading the manual: 

  • Short circuit 
  • See if the button is continuously pressed for a long time
  • Overheating 
  • Damaged battery



As we have learned so far, there can be a lot of reasons behind the blinking of a vape pen. Your vape pen might keep blinking if it is facing some internal issues, but do not forget it also blinks when you actually use it. But the main confusion comes when the vape pen blinks a certain number of times and then just stops. So we will shed some light on this topic now and find out why blinking of vape three times is different from a vape pen blinking five times. For this section, we will take an example of a very popular vape pen called SMOK Novo 2. It is a high-quality vape pen that is very popular among vape users. Now let us jump into the topic without using much time. 

Vape pen blinking 3 times with cartridge 

Vape pen blinking 3 times with cartridge

Most of the vape pens are protected from things like short circuits, etc. A short circuit happens due to the excessive current in the equipment. So when a vape pen blinks three times, a common reason is that it is experiencing current more than it can accept. It can be seen in most vape devices, and not just in SMOK Novo 2. 

Vape pen blinking 5 times 

It usually happens when the activation button is stuck. People think that if the activation button is stuck, then it may burn off all the liquid, but you do not have to worry about that because all devices are guarded with an 8-second cut-off. It will shut down the battery of your vape pen when the vape fires for 8 seconds. In this case, the vape pen blinks five times. 

Vape pen blinking 10 times 

Vape pen blinking 10 times

Things really start getting heated up when a number of blinks reach 10. It is very unpleasant to the eyes seeing your vape pen just keep blinking and never shut. It mainly occurs when the battery has either very low power or is dead. It can also happen due to improper charging. So, our main advice would be that you charge your vape pen properly on a proper surface. You do not want the battery to lose its full potential, and it can occur when the battery comes in contact with some kind of moisture. So make sure you choose a dry place to charge your battery. 

Vape pen blinking 15 times 

Vape pen blinking 15 times

If you are someone who gets irritated by seeing a vape pen blinking ten times, then imagine what would be your reaction if the vape pen blinks 15 times. This number of blinking occurs due to the low voltage. If your battery’s capacity is less than 3.3V, then your vape pen’s battery will be automatically shut down. 

How to prevent the vape pen from blinking? 

How to prevent the vape pen from blinking

As we have discussed various factors that can contribute to the blinking of your vape pen, it is time to discuss the things you can do in order to prevent your vape pen from blinking again and again. Here are the things you can do to ensure your vape pen is at its full potential: 

  1. Charge your vape pen regularly within a safe range of power. It is very crucial to keep your battery charged in order to avoid unpleasant blinking because the battery plays a major role in determining the overall health of your vape. 
  2. Keep your vape pen clean. Cleaning your vape pen regularly can help you avoid things related to activation buttons blockage, etc. And also some vape pens have e-liquid leakage, so it is crucial to remember to clean them on time. 
  3. Store your vape pen in the proper place. Most vape pens can get damaged when they come in contact with moisture. So store your vape pen in a cool and dry place away from any kind of moisture. Also, keep it away from sunlight and the reach of children. 


If you are a regular vape pen user then you might have faced the blinking problem in your vape pen. You must have wondered what is causing it. Well, there is no single factor that can cause your vape pen to blink. From your battery to the activation button, a problem in anything can cause the vape pen to blink. Sometimes it can issue with the battery and sometimes it can be due to the blockage of the button. With different issues, the number of blinking also varies. In the end, it is best to keep your vape pen clean and store it in a good place. It is also crucial to read the manual properly in order to avoid being reckless with the device.



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