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Zkittlez is a fruity bag of your favorite skittles in a pen. It leaves you feeling calm, focused while giving you a mellow body high. It erupts in your mouth and resembles a pack of fruity candies. It has a sweet, unique candy-like aroma. It is to be taken in the late afternoon when you lack the motivation to work and urgently need a burst of energy

About THC-O vape pens 2g

THC-O vape pens 2g are the most desired form of consuming cannabinoids as they are discreet, easy to use and hassle-free. They are prefilled with delicious vape juice, accessible and a fun way to experience the buzz of THC. 

Why should you try DivineHemps’ THC-O vape pen 2g?

We strive to create top-notch products for our valuable customers.Our products are designed solely keeping our customers in mind. Our THC-O vape pens 2g are formulated with high-quality ingredients and produced in the cleanest, safest environment. We use all-natural terpenes and top-tier hemp to bring you the most amazing experience with an array of flavors. Sit back and experience the joy of exciting flavors. An average vape pen has about 400-600 puffs. 

Pink Lemonade will fill you with nostalgia of those good, old summer days. It is a fresh, fruity flavour with notes of grapefruit, lemon and pineapple. It takes you from an energetic buzz to a laid-back, chilled mood. It is ideal for your day off. 

What exactly is THC-O?

THC-O stands for tetrahydrocannabinol acetate, and is a chemically derived cannabinoid. It doesn’t naturally occur in cannabis and is derived from hemp. Hence, it is completely man-made and is stronger and more powerful than other compounds like Delta 9. It is produced by exposing pure THC cannabinoid in hemp to change its structure entirely and make it more potent. Owing to its strength is not advisable for beginners or people with low tolerance. This is a high-quality, strong compound meant that will give you a whole-body high and provide the user with a psychedelic experience depending on the dosage.

Should I buy 1g vape pens or 2g vape pens?

Frequent THC use can result in an increase of tolerance level in the user. However for beginners, it is wise to start slow. Our 1g vape pen is perfect for first-time users or people with low tolerance levels. But, if you are looking for a more intense buzz and higher potency, we’d recommend typing our THC-O 2g vape pen. The longevity of these pens depends on how frequent you use them and the size of your puff.

THC-O benefits

Besides providing you with a euphoric high, THC-O has other benefits too. THC-O is a potent cannabinoid that can benefit you in many ways. Here some ways in how consuming THC-O can benefit you,

  •       Enhanced creativity
  •       Promotes healthy sleep
  •       Body relief and relaxation
  •       Appetite stimulation
  •       Reduction in stress and anxiety

THC-O side effects

Every drug has its potential side effects. Here are a few side effects of consuming THC-O

  •       Nausea
  •       Dizziness
  •       Lethargy
  •       Paranoia
  •       Hallucinations

THC-O vape pen 2g effects

The effects of THC-O vape pens 2g can take time to kick in, so do not go for a second dose. Do not get impatient, wait till 30 mins to experience the wonderful effects, usually, most users hit the peak at 20 mins. Once the effects begin to hit, the onset is rapid. Given its potency, it can help reduce muscle pain and inflammation. It also offers to boost appetite, reduce anxiety and a physically sedating effect.

How to use our THC-O vape pens 2g?

The best thing about a vape pen is how easy it is to use. If you’ve never tried a vape pen, we got you covered! Every vape pen has its distinct features, but there are four things that a vape pen needs: a mouthpiece, a battery, a heating device and vape juice.

  1.     Choose your flavour

We offer the most delicious flavours to enhance your vaping experience. Pick a flavour that suits you the most.

  1.     Choose a vape pen

A vape pen is an electric device that stores the vape juice with an atomizer that transfers the juice into vapour for you to inhale. Our vape pens come in 1g and 2g doses, pick the most ideal dose for you.

  1.     Slow, steady puffs

Now that you’ve picked the flavour and a pen, start vaping by taking small puffs and gradually building your way up. First-timers are recommended to go with small, low doses with an interval of 30-90 seconds between each puff.


THC-O is a highly intoxicating compound with stronger potency than its other cannabinoids. There are many THC-O products on the market, but is smart to source from credible sellers because of lack of research and testing

Frequently Asked Questions

If taken responsibly and within the ideal dose, vaping is completely safe.

Due to the farm bill of 2008, THC-O vape pens are legal as long as they contain less than 0.3% of THC content. However, certain states completely ban its use. Check your state laws before making a purchase.

When you are using a THC-O vape pen, it is recommended to stick to a dosage of up to 0.5 mg. Going beyond these levels can be intoxicating and will take more time for you to sober up.

THC-O content usually lasts 3-4 hours. The faster it hits, the faster the effects will fade. Inhalation takes a short period to hit, so the effects may fade sooner than edibles or tinctures.

Yes, it will. It is more potent and will likely show up on a drug test.


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