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  • Contains 500 mg of Full Spectrum CBD
  • Made from US-grown Hemp
  • Lab-tested & Quality-assured

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CBD gummies 500 mg allow the consumer to experience all the benefits of CBD while also enjoying its taste and simultaneously dealing with the craving for something sweet. The gummies are candies that contain CBD (Cannabidiol) oil and are edible. CBD Gummies come in multiple shapes, sizes, and colors. They can contain various concentrations of CBD, such as this product that contains 500 mg of Full Spectrum CBD. They are also a much more convenient way of consuming CBD, which is the reason why the demand for CBD Gummies has increased. The edible candies are also a very discreet way of consuming CBD.

Recommended Usage of CBD Gummies 500 mg

The amount of CBD Gummies that a person should consume depends mostly upon the individual’s own needs. For beginners, a 25 mg dose could be enough to start with. A single gummy will contain 10 mg on average.  It is important to not take more than 2 gummies in an hour. Consulting a physician to figure out the ideal dosage is also recommended. Regardless, it is ideal to start with small doses and test the body’s response to it before increasing the dosage.

Things to Know and Watch out for

CBD is naturally a bitter substance. CBD Gummies, however, are made to taste good. To achieve this, the gummies contain large amounts of extra sugar. A person who needs to watch their sugar intake should be careful when consuming CBD Gummies. 

The experience with having CBD gummies will differ from other CBD products as the ‘high’ derived from edibles tends to be more intense. It could also last for a longer time as compared to one that’s felt from smoking similar products. On the other hand, edibles can also take longer to start kicking in. 

Storage Instructions

The following instructions must be noted when storing CBD Gummies 500 mg:

  1. Store in a cool and dry place.
  2. Keep the product out of sunlight and reduce exposure to air to prevent the breakdown of nutrients.
  3. Keep the CBD Gummies away from the reach of children.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How long does it take for the CBD Gummies 500 mg to start working? 

Ans: It can take up to two hours maximum to experience the effects. However, a lot of factors can make this duration shorter. It depends upon the body’s response to the product. In any case, wait two hours before consuming more CBD gummies.

2. Are CBD gummies the same as other edibles?

Ans: CBD gummies are different from lollipops or lozenges as in these cases, the absorption occurs through the membranes in the mouth. This is also known as sublingual absorption. Edibles that can be chewed may take longer to kick in. 

3. How many CBD gummies 500 mg should a person eat? 

Ans: While the dosage depends on various factors, it is best to take two gummies and wait for the effects to kick in. Increase dosage depending upon how the body reacts. 


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2 reviews for CBD GUMMIES 500 MG JAR

  1. Daymeon Gillies

    CBD gummies 500 mg Jar has taken a permanent place at my bedside table. They have been highly beneficial for me and my partner. Our favorite is the gelato and apple flavor.

  2. Terry Brandenburg

    I love the collection of the fruity flavors here at Divine Hemps. I have been adding these gummies as toppings for my smoothie bowls, and have been a hit with my husband not only for flavor but also the benefits.

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