CBD Distillate (THC Free)


  • Made from US-grown hemp plant
  • Free from THC and residual toxins
  • Concentrated viscous liquid
  • Contains 80-90% CBD
  • Enriched with terpenes
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This concentrated form of CBD offers maximum CBD delivery. It is prepared from CBD hemp flowers and other parts of the plants also yield CBD. A pure distillate is translucent amber-colored with no detectable odor or taste. It has a thick but runny consistency that can be dabbed or vaped to obtain quick physical and mental effects. 

CBD or cannabidiol is the preferred choice to achieve cannabis benefits without any psychotropic impact or side effects. It is found abundantly in the hemp plants and its extraction has been legalized by the federal government. For a product to be legal it needs to have less than 0.3% concentration of Delta 9 THC, and Divine Hemps’ CBD Distillate is free from Delta 9 THC. Moreover, our products are produced and stored in a hygienically controlled environment to ensure only the crème de la crème reaches you.

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How to Use It:

The mild taste of CBD Distillate enhances its versatility for use. The most common method to consume it is by dabbing. There are special vaping devices also available nowadays to vape this honey-colored goodness. Some other exciting ways to enjoy the benefits are listed below,

  • It can be used to make edibles such as baked goods, gummies.
  • The distillate can be added to the essential oil of your preference to prepare tinctures.
  • It can be added to vape juice or dab fuel to enhance potency. 
  • It can be used to transform a cream or lotion into a topical application product.
  • You can directly pour it over food and drinks to spike them.
  • It can be consumed sublingually as well. 

The Right Dosage:

The experts agree on the dosage of 25 milligrams as a starting point. You can increase or reduce it as per requirement after observing the effects of CBD on your body. However, the relevant dose for anyone will vary depending on the body mass, tolerance level, and desired outcome. It usually takes trial and error to determine a perfect dose that suits your needs.

Starting with a lower dose is advised so that you can analyze how the CBD impacts you before modifying it. Moreover, the CBD distillate is a potent product containing a concentrated form of CBD. It will affect you differently than other CBD products. 

Things to Know Beforehand:

  • CBD can interact with other medications, therefore, it is advised to discuss with your doctor before using CBD if it can impact you in any way, especially if you are taking any other medication or supplements. 
  • For beginners, it is advised to consume it around the evening when you do not have to be anywhere else. This is just a precaution to follow till you understand how CBD affects you so that in case you feel off, you can sleep it off and recover.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid the consumption of CBD.
  • The use of CBD should be cautious in people suffering from liver disease, hypotension, heart diseases, and severe depression. 
  • Drinking, operation of heavy machinery, and use of alcohol should be avoided until you are familiar with the consequences of CBD use on your body. 
  • CBD should not be considered a substitute for any treatment for serious health conditions.

The Legal Requirements for CBD Products:

  • Almost all the states have a legal age requirement of at least 18 years old for you to purchase and use CBD products.
  • The sale & distribution of CBD products is legal according to federal regulations. Still, some states have regulations that restrict the sale and use of Cannabidiol products.
  • You can contact your local licensed jurisdiction counsel to get a clear picture of the legal status of CBD as these local laws and regulations are subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is CBD distillate different from CBD isolate?
CBD isolate is a crystalline white powder whereas distillate is a thick honey-colored liquid. Other than these differences in physical appearance, these products have separate ingredients. The powder is a purified CBD concentrate that lacks all other naturally occurring products that usually accompany CBD in a hemp plant. The CBD distillate contains terpenes and other minor cannabinoids along with a lofty amount of CBD.

Q. Will CBD Distillate provide an entourage effect?
Yes. Scientists are in favor of the hypothesis that several minor cannabinoids and biologically active compounds work collaboratively to produce the therapeutic effects of cannabidiol. Our CBD Distillate is enriched with terpenes and other minor cannabinoids sans THC which will provide the entourage effect.

Q. How much CBD is in CBD Distillate?
The concentration of CBD varies among the batches, but we assure you a concentration between 80-90% of the total cannabinoids in our CBD Distillate.

Q. Will CBD Distillate result in any side effects?
No side effects are observed by most of the users. However, a high dose may result in some mild side effects such as changes in appetite, fatigue, dryness of mouth, and stomach discomfort. These side effects can be managed by reducing the dose of CBD you are taking.

Q. How should I store the CBD Distillate to retain its potency for a longer duration?
Our packaging for the CBD Distillate is optimum for maintaining its potency and shelf life as indicated. However, storing it in a cool and dry place, protected from heat, moisture, and light will reduce the chances of it going bad before the date of expiration.


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