THC-O Vape Pen 2g

THC-O vape pens are battery-operated, rechargeable devices with pre-filled vape THC extract. These are hassle-free as they come prefilled with a certain amount of vape juice and are great for inhaling. Vaporisation allows the body to quickly absorb THC-O content into the bloodstream giving faster results.

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Why choose THC-O vape pens?

THC-O vape pens are a fun, discreet way of enjoying the benefits of THC-O. Vaping has been skyrocketing in popularity as a way of experiencing THC-O. It takes a shorter period to hit and provides you with amazing sensations throughout your body. With the expanding market, there is an array of flavours available for you to discover the power of THC-O.

How long does it take to kick in?

The effects of THC-O when vaping kick in quickly, in about 15-30 mins. But if you don't experience any effects, don’t get impatient, wait till 30 mins. Usually, most users hit the peak at 20 mins. Once the effects begin to hit, the onset is rapid. Given its potency, it can help reduce muscle pain and inflammation. It also boosts appetite, reduces anxiety, and gives a physically sedating effect.

How to use vape pens?

The best thing about a vape pen is how easy it is to use. If you’ve never tried a vape pen, we got you covered!

  1.     Choose your flavour

We offer the most delicious flavours to enhance your vaping experience. Pick a flavour that suits you the most.

  1.     Choose a vape pen

A vape pen is an electric device that stores the vape juice with an atomizer that transfers the juice into vapour for you to inhale. 

  1.     Slow, steady puffs

Now that you’ve picked the flavour and a pen, start vaping by taking small puffs and gradually building your way up. First-timers are recommended to go with small, low doses with an interval of 30-90 seconds between each puff.

THC-O effects

THC-O vape pens are derived from the marijuana plant and are very potent. Usually, it is well-tolerated among humans. It produces feelings of euphoria, calmness, and overall relaxation. It is also known to elevate your mood and fade out negative feelings. While sobering up, you may also feel drowsiness or sluggishness. Keeping yourself hydrated and well-fed is a good way to reduce the side effects.

THC-O benefits

Besides providing you with a euphoric high, THC-O has other benefits too. THC-O is a potent cannabinoid that can benefit you in many ways. Here some ways in how consuming THC-O can benefit you,

  •       Enhanced creativity
  •       Promotes healthy sleep
  •       Body relief and relaxation
  •       Appetite stimulation
  •       Reduction in stress and anxiety

THC-O side effects

Every drug has its potential side effects. Here are a few side effects of consuming THC-O

  •       Nausea
  •       Dizziness
  •       Lethargy
  •       Paranoia
  •       Hallucination

Why us?

At DivineHemps, we strive to create top-notch products for our valuable customers. Our products are designed solely keeping our customers in mind. Our THC-O vape pens are formulated with high-quality ingredients and produced in the cleanest, safest environment. We use all-natural terpenes and top-tier hemp to bring you the most amazing experience with an array of flavors. Sit back and experience the joy of exciting flavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vape pens usually last long, but it all depends on your frequency and if you share it with your partner or friends. If you vape often or share it with someone else, it will run out quickly. It also depends on the length of your puffs.

Vape pens are prefilled with vape juice, and should not be played with. It is not considered smart to add oil to your disposable pens as oil is not meant to be smoked and can cause serious harm

The length of the buzz varies from person to person, but it will typically last 6-7 hours. For a prolonged effect, you can try increasing your puffs.

THC-O vape pens are safe to use. However, you should monitor your puffs and consume quantities according to your tolerance level.

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